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Each client is unique which is why we create tailored strategies to meet your needs. We provide case studies based on our most recent work. Our case studies demonstrate how we respond to business challenges like those you may be facing. We currently present all of our case studies via webinar.

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When you have a vision and some funding but not much more, how do you build the vessel that holds your brand? All the aspects of generating a movement that will make your vision a reality -- from creating a brand manifesto, to choosing color schemes, logos, and fonts that fit your brand's personality, to creating a website and social media presence and associated brand voice that will resonate with your audience -- there is a lot to do. This case study is useful for nonprofits and companies that are just starting to tell their stories. It highlights how thinking strategically and holistically about about marketing elements will position an organization for long term success.


Niche Marketing, or "long-tail marketing," can be a holy grail for a small business. When you dominate a niche you generally have a small volume of dedicated customers and very little competition. The US Government has special set aside categories for small business for the $500 billion it buys in goods and services each year. One of the small business set aside categories is the 8a set-aside for small disadvantaged business. However there is a niche within the 8a set-aside niche for Alaska Native Corporations, or ANCs. These ANC companies have some strong advantages in government contracts, notably the ability to receive direct awards (outside the competitive bidding process). In spite of this, most ANCs don't have a very good reputation with government contracting officers.  This case study is useful for understanding how a combination of tailored content marketing and e-mail marketing can improve the status of a company in the eyes of a very niche customer segment.



When three separate organizations come together to deliver a single program, how do they share the stage without overshadowing each other? Bringing together organizations from three domains -- .com, .org, and .gov -- creates a host of challenges for each organization. How do you optimize search results for the co-delivered program while not cannibalizing the search traffic from any individual stakeholder organization? Strategic link building for each, combined with social media marketing can create a win-win-win when done well. This case study is especially useful for nonprofits that deliver a program on behalf of a major donor and for commercial organizations that work closely with government agencies.


When you have a long track record of success in a local market but you are considering expansion into new markets, how do you know if the next step you plan to take is right for your company? This case study is excellent for understanding how well-executed custom research can help reduce uncertainty around key decisions for an organization's leadership.