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4 Reasons Kansas City is Your Creative Mecca

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

1. A Century of Creativity. For more than 100 years, some of America's most creative minds have lived and worked in Kansas City. We punch above our weight for a metro of our size. Hallmark and AMC call the metro home. Walt Disney and Ernest Hemingway each spent formative years in the city. It's still a strange and wonderful place.

2. Tuned In. From jazz to roadhouse blues to Boss Tom's basement, there is no better city to unwind with live music.

3. Overflowing Beauty. Kansas City is an inspiring place to call home. It has more fountains than any city on earth except Rome.

4. Egalitarian Spirit. From Paul Rudd inviting Royals fans to party at his mom's house to US Senator Tim Kaine "laying low" at his parents' favorite pizza joint, the people of Kansas City have an egalitarian, low-key spirit that represents the best of America.

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