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5 Tips for Machine Learning and the Future of SEO

Forbes published a great piece this morning on how machine learning will affect SEO in the future.

Here are the five big takeaways from the article, with key quotes:

  • Invest In Robust Content

"Content for content's sake won't rank. You need to cater more specifically to user intent, and not just one intent but as many as you can imagine. With a rich multimedia content library, including videos, infographics, standard copy and more, standing out will become easier when you can put your focus on producing the best answers for user queries. Dropping buzzwords and blogging on hot topics isn't enough anymore; develop useful, evergreen content with real value for users instead."

"Rather than developing strategies to rank, develop strategies to appeal to your users — they aren't the same thing. It's not all about blasting content crammed with keywords and links out into digital space en masse anymore. Today, that only gets you dinged for spam. Instead, the ideal strategy is to develop marketing efforts that put the user back in the spotlight. Generate curiosity, answer questions and provide solutions naturally rather than within the strict artificial constructs of an SEO plan. Don't ignore the fact that link building and other fundamentals are still important, but trust that focusing on your users will yield more fruitful results as algorithms learn what people want to see."

  • Use Machine Learning To Analyze Your Own Content

"ML has a place within SEO architectures, too. While it is easy to think that your response should primarily be in reaction to changes on Google's part, why not take proactive steps to learn how to improve at the same time? ML models developed to analyze websites and the usage data they generate can reveal patterns that highlight new potential strategies."

"The future of the web looks very different from the 2010s, with mobile ecosystems and voice search only continuing to grow in relevancy. With ML focused on understanding user intent, page quality and more, it is a necessity to develop a well-rounded approach that sets clearly defined goals and implements metrics to understand progress and success."

  • Learn and Respond To AI Developments

"[Machine Learning] is not a silver bullet to solve the woes of every digital marketing effort, but it is a fundamental development that will continue to transform the SEO landscape for years to come. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor by embracing its potential and exploring how to apply it to your business, while remaining agile enough to respond to inevitable changes."

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