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Why There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The past two days in Kansas City have been unseasonably cold. With the mercury currently at 16° and expected to be 60° next Monday, the old saw still holds, "If you don't like the weather in the Midwest, just wait a minute."

Cold weather and rainy weather are great reminders that there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear and poor planning. In business, war, or weather, having a plan can mean the difference between thriving or barely surviving.

As I got up this morning to dust the last bit of snow off my car, I was thankful that I bought that Tommy Hilfiger feather down coat on double-deep discount last Spring from Amazon. I had already taken my gloves and hat out of the cedar chest in preparation for cold Fall days.

Business comes in cycles and, more than we like to admit it, macro-economics can have far reaching effects on small businesses that we can't stop. But we can prepare and plan for the inevitable ups and downs. Even now-mighty Amazon may not have been around to sell me that feather down coat last Spring if it hadn't shored up its financial position in 2000 right before the dot-com bubble burst. Most companies can't be recession-proof but they can be recession-prepared.

As you wait for your car to warm up today or hurry into heated homes and offices, take a minute in the cold to reflect on what you can do to prepare your business for the next boom or bust. Is your website positioned for customers to find you easily? Are you publishing content that keeps customers engaged? If you had a cash windfall, do you know where in your business you would use it to ensure that you stay ahead of the next downward dip in the cycle?

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