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Results You’ll Love

We take the time to understand your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs and finds the most effective ways for you to talk about your content to drive traffic. 

We have worked with nonprofits, small businesses in Kansas City, and two programs sponsored by the US Department of Defense to improve search rankings for their websites. We don't outsource any of our work overseas and we know how to generate high-quality informational content for the web. We conduct SEO with a long-term strategy in mind. 

We begin our process by evaluating your website to get a baseline understanding of what is and isn't working. This is known as an SEO Audit. We will look at the technical aspects of your website alongside the content elements on your website. Technical aspects that we will examine include looking for issues with load time, dead links, and bad references that will negatively affect your search ranking. We will look at how the content on your site compares with the keyword phrases that you feel your website should rank for, as well as well for the mix of content that you include on your site. We'll also take a look at the performance of your competitors' websites to evaluate their content and performance against yours.

Then we do a bunch of a research into hundreds of keyword phrases that will help improve your search rankings for your market niche and develop a strategy to steadily improve your search rankings. In addition to generating content for you, we also build external backlinks to your site from websites with strong reputations. 

Ranking higher on search engines takes time but we put in the effort to be an effective and affordable SEO agency for you.